Heros Still Exist

Pete had been working for a commercial demolition crew for ten years. At first he found it exciting but the stress was starting to really wear him down. He had so many worries on his mind while he read the help wanted section of the newspaper on his lunch break that he almost missed it. Dropping his newspaper, he instinctively jumped to his feet and started running. A child was crying for help and the demolition crew was going to be setting off explosions any minute. Not thinking of himself, he ran in to the building about to be demolished and found the child that had been calling for help out of the building’s window and carried the child outside to safety as quick as he could. Looking in to the eyes of the little boy who he had just saved, Pete knew that his job might be stressful but it was important.

My Last Promotion

I have worked for the same company for the last ten years, and I have put my heart and soul into my career. However, I had a hard time moving up the corporate ladder even though my sales numbers were higher than anyone else’s in the department and I had more degrees that my superiors. I was starting to think that no one would ever reward my efforts, and I started to feel depressed about my job.

All of this changed when I redesigned the company’s NCR books for all six of its divisions. My boss loved them so much that he promoted me and gave me a raise. I am not sure what to make of this because I always thought I would get a promotion based by sales abilities and not my art skills. Either way, I am happily in a better position that pays a lot more money.

My Childhood and Feeling Stupid

When I was a young child, I was friends with the little girl next door. She was a real “know it all.” Since her father owned a construction company, she knew a lot about things that small children usually aren’t that interested in. Permeable paving comes to mind. We were walking one afternoon on the sidewalk outside of her house, skipping and initially having a jolly old time. She asked me if I knew whether we were walking on nonporous or porous material, and I of course had no idea. She laughed at me and told me I was stupid for not knowing what kind of paving was on my very own street. I had never felt so dumb and uninformed before in my life. Of course, I was only seven years old at the time. Luckily for me, I lost contact with that little girl when I went to a different middle school several years later.

Home Improvement Store Mischief

When I was a kid I went to a home improvement store with my best friend and her mom. We were lingering around the candy section in the front when she told us we could get anything we wanted. She of course meant that she’d buy us any candy or snack item we desired. Being mischievous youngsters, however, we took her comment much more literally. While my friend’s mother was busy talking to one of the store associates, we headed stealthily to aisle 9 and picked up a large bag of silica sand. We had no idea what it was, but we knew her mother would be annoyed if we got it. For some reason this struck us as insanely funny. When we found her mother again we were laughing hysterically. She looked at us like we were crazy. Needless to say we ended up going home that afternoon with a couple of chocolate bars, no sand.

Let the Beautician Do the Job

The major difficulty a wedding makeup artist Manchester must face has nothing to do with how to choose the right foundation shade for a client: it is learning how to stay calm when a client doesn’t want to listen to the advice.

This may come as a shock, but I remember the first time I tried not to argue with my client, a high-maintenance woman, who kept insisting that a dark foundation shade would make her look like she had a natural tan. Of course, the client is always right, so she walked out of my salon looking like a dark carrot.

Although most of the time I will have many happy encounters with high-maintenance women, I consider myself lucky when a woman walks into the salon without arguing about eyeliner. Because eyeliner is not for everyone, especially women who have large eyes, women should let me do my job.

Media Power

A recent advertisement in my local newspaper had asked for people to get involved in a Staffordshire Bull Terrier rescue that had been set up by a group of SBT lovers. The response to the advert was phenomenal and an indication of just how powerful the media is at influencing people and helping people and organisations that would otherwise struggle to recruit volunteers.

Although in general the circulation of local newspapers has dropped due to the expansion of the internet and online advertising there is no doubt that there are still many, many people who buy and read their local newspaper as a matter of habit.

An Unexpected Source of Entertainment

I spend a fair amount of my hard earned money trying to find toys that my son will enjoy. He is rather whimsical with toys, and will find a toy interesting one day, only to not want to have anything to do with it the next. When I arrived home from work on Monday, I noticed that there were papers laying all over the house.

Turns out that my son had found one of my NCR invoice pads that I use at work, and left the entire pad of papers scattered about the house. He wrote on all of them two, and I guess that he finds the mechanism to be quite entertaining. I must admit that I envy the sense of wonder that children possess. I was kind of irritated at first, but I can’t stay mad at the little scamp.