What is Coming Out of Your Faucet?

Are you sure your drinking water is clear, pure, and safe? Although we like to think municipal water treatment plants provide the highest quality of drinking water available, that is not always the case. Usually, the worst bacterial and viral contaminants are removed, along with most pollutants. Yet, part of this cleaning process uses chemicals that may be toxic to your family’s health.

It is probably a good idea to have your household water tested by an environmental agency or by using a home water test kit that may be available through a local hardware store or county health office. Results should indicate if there is a high content of undesirable substances in your water, like chlorine, for example.

If there is, you will want to learn more about water filtration media for information about how to address unhealthy water problems by installing a water purification system in your home.

Let the Beautician Do the Job

The major difficulty a wedding makeup artist Manchester must face has nothing to do with how to choose the right foundation shade for a client: it is learning how to stay calm when a client doesn’t want to listen to the advice.

This may come as a shock, but I remember the first time I tried not to argue with my client, a high-maintenance woman, who kept insisting that a dark foundation shade would make her look like she had a natural tan. Of course, the client is always right, so she walked out of my salon looking like a dark carrot.

Although most of the time I will have many happy encounters with high-maintenance women, I consider myself lucky when a woman walks into the salon without arguing about eyeliner. Because eyeliner is not for everyone, especially women who have large eyes, women should let me do my job.

Media Power

A recent advertisement in my local newspaper had asked for people to get involved in a Staffordshire Bull Terrier rescue that had been set up by a group of SBT lovers. The response to the advert was phenomenal and an indication of just how powerful the media is at influencing people and helping people and organisations that would otherwise struggle to recruit volunteers.

Although in general the circulation of local newspapers has dropped due to the expansion of the internet and online advertising there is no doubt that there are still many, many people who buy and read their local newspaper as a matter of habit.

An Unexpected Source of Entertainment

I spend a fair amount of my hard earned money trying to find toys that my son will enjoy. He is rather whimsical with toys, and will find a toy interesting one day, only to not want to have anything to do with it the next. When I arrived home from work on Monday, I noticed that there were papers laying all over the house.

Turns out that my son had found one of my NCR invoice pads that I use at work, and left the entire pad of papers scattered about the house. He wrote on all of them two, and I guess that he finds the mechanism to be quite entertaining. I must admit that I envy the sense of wonder that children possess. I was kind of irritated at first, but I can’t stay mad at the little scamp.

Fireflies Gave Away the Bride

It was funny before she even said it. After that they were lucky to be able to even stand in front of the minister, much less keep a straight face.

Her father had been held up due to the storm, but they had to finish the ceremony to make the flight. He called and said he would see them in Denmark, take them to that museum.

As she had walked past the moonlit, moss-covered oaks a number of fireflies appeared. She whispered to Jack, “I guess Dad sent them to give me away in his place.” She should have known better. By the time they made it to the altar they were straining to suppress their laughter. Everyone thought it was a precious way to start a marriage and somehow they got through the ceremony.

As they walked to the limo later she whispered “Or maybe they’re our wedding fireworks.”